Me And The Calla Lilies And A Scent of Sky

Wishing the lilies a good morning in the fog and mist

I got these Calla lilies yesterday to place on a table on the balcony. I hadn’t felt so much love coming from a plant as this one as I held it on the way home. In the car I said, “This is a very affectionate plant.”
Nature has been noticeably more loving this year. The birds will let you walk closer to them and don’t fly away. Have you noticed this?
This lotion I bought came in the mail today. I had a feeling I would like it. Its scent fits its name so well and enchantingly so: “Mermaid.” It is sweet, subtle, and complex.

 “While you slumber

in case you ever wonder

if a summer breeze just brushed your cheek

know it’s me.”

Goodnite, Melody Gardot

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