A Place Where Art Is Welcome And Home To A Cat To Critique It

This is a cat who dreams
Peeko enjoys critiquing fine art, poetry, and music. He has consistently approved of the poets Edna St. Vincent Millay and Rumi, but only if Rumi’s poetry is translated into Shakespearean English, otherwise he’s not having it. He’s also been very fond of Virginia Woolf. 
I hadn’t painted since before Peeko was born, and the first time he was very intrigued to see this, kept trying to get his face close to the palette, quickly touched it finally and walked away satisfied like, “I just wanted a little blue for my nose.”
You can see him on video yesterday evening listening to this Middle Eastern belly dance music called, “Dance By The Sea.” He will take a little time to assess a work. Closing both eyes slowly is an expression of affection and appreciation, and it is good to know he doesn’t appear on video often, by his choice.
He was happy to find my first finished painting placed above the fireplace when I set it there so I could see it from a distance, and he looked up at it with a serious gaze one might see on the face of a seasoned art collector at a gallery. And then he winked. 
You probably know technology will often put up a fight at first, but my art shop has officially launched! The link to Etsy has also been added to the main page of this blog. (Click the three horizontal bars on that main page and look to the left sidebar section, find me elsewhere.)
And here is the shop where paintings will be listed as I complete them!

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