Please Shut Up And Show Me The Inside Of Your Refrigerator

 That’s what I’ve been thinking these days. 🙂
In the back, hummus, stored plant-based deli slices, stored crushed tomatoes for soup, stored plant-based bacon. Behind the grapes is a loaf of whole wheat bread and tofu. In the meat drawer is ground turkey for burgers & a turkey bowl with melted cheese and vegetables. I eat fish like salmon cooked that day.

Finding out for myself radishes can be steamed was one of my best recent discoveries.
I eat everything here except the barbecue sauce and romano. Add artichoke hearts to a sandwich, another great recent discovery of mine.
Almond butter big sale, buy a bunch.

I know this is a lot of cereal, but it will last! I can get a little carried away in the cereal aisle. 🙂 I buy frosted mini wheats every once in awhile and I find I benefit from them more than just the good taste when I find that it’s time for them again.
Turmeric too & extra virgin olive oil.

I eat everything in this cabinet, except the cheese crisps. 
These potatoes have such a cute look.
Sencha green, ‘Rumi’ black tea, herbal, rosebuds. This is a cabinet without light but in light the green tea is more green.

P.S. I saw last night’s super moon from my pillow; it was light gold and shining behind the tree leaves.

By Jade

author and painter poet

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