I Listened For An Answer

It is the first of May and national poetry month has ended, but rest assured, there ain’t no end here! 

It is also the start of Asian Heritage month and there will naturally be Asian subjects continuing here as you might’ve seen already, including the dear Rumi, more ghazals, and other subjects, tea, a graphic novel I recently read by a Singaporean author, maybe some other fiction books by Asian authors, and yoga, however these subjects come up. 

As for my last video post, I overheard a woman yesterday evening sitting behind me and talking with an English accent. I appreciated the timing! and hadn’t heard that from someone around here before.


Here is a song by the singer and songwriter, Cara Dillon, my favorite of this traditional style with a sweet, soothing sound in which the chords progress like shimmering, gently rippling water. 

“Blue mountain river I went there for awhile; I listened for an answer and I found it deep inside.”

  Cara Dillon – Blue Mountain River
I will listen again before bed. 🙂

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