I Was Looking To Have A Very Small Adventure

My next book to read was ready to pick up, I was needing space but ‘loving space’ from my book in progress, painting in progress, or yoga teaching & business goals, so I took the bus to the library, choosing a library I’ve liked that’s been refreshingly not ‘high security.’ 😉
The philosophical bus driver arrived so quickly, who I hadn’t seen in awhile and began talking about his intuition, crystals and chakras, and asking me a little about these during the ride.
And when I got to the library I planned to go to a spot I hadn’t yet gone in there and remembered how nice it was when I had suddenly found the staircase to the second floor as I was looking to leave another time and hadn’t remembered the exact exit for a few moments, and from there the next time, I found a smaller staircase to the littler third floor.

Looking down at the fiction books from the third floor in this picture and would afterwards look among them for something random like a novel just found. In the furthest distance, I wasn’t sure if it was as I’d remembered but it was— that entranceway is the non-fiction section and also where you’ll find the poetry books, at the furthest end of it.

When I returned again to the poetry shelf, I was happy, it had such a positive feeling there that I too, could feel, but I consciously placed my hand over my heart more calmly, so I wouldn’t be mistaken for having a heart attack. 😅

And yoga has made it easy for me to reach high things whether I am wearing heels or flats, and I spotted a book up high that I felt I’d like and felt such excitement, whispered aloud, ‘I want that book’ as I reached up and stood taller, and a little breathless, I got the book down. I thought I was alone, but somewhat nearby in the distance, I saw a woman working on her laptop, but I don’t think she’d heard, and I usually don’t speak aloud like that in the library. 😊

After I had gotten the poetry book I felt I’d like, I went back up the staircase, saw that fairy looking artwork and old wooden clock, and went down the other staircase to find a random fiction book I might want, and did. I took home three books, two poetry ones and a novel, and it is very likely I will renew them to get more time.
I took this photo of myself sitting on the stone bench with books among purple flowers wet with rain, before I went back home.

I am cooking lunch as I write this, scrambled eggs, plant-based bacon, and stir-fried spinach, a breakfast-like meal that is just as delicious for lunch, and it’s ready. I will have a mandarin, too, afterwards, inspired by a friend’s photo of her refrigerator that I greatly appreciated.

Thank you for being with me in this little adventure.

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