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I Found Another Little Adventure

I wished to give more books away and maybe find a novel to read as I hadn’t gotten into many novels at all in the most recent ones, although I do remember laughing at certain passages in Light In August by William Faulkner and needing to place a finger over my lips to not do so. 

Yesterday, I went to a nearby free library cabinet at the Common. I placed a couple books in the cabinet and looked through the ones that were inside, gladly exclaiming a few titles quietly aloud as there was no one nearby to hear me. I found then the most books to take home with me than I’d ever found. I lay them beside me on the bench with flowers and cars in the near distance, for a photo.

Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Three Cups Of Tea (a memoir)

Love In The Time Of Cholera, and The Ring.  

I will return there with more books I’ve wished to give away as I’d found more than I’d left behind.

Afterwards, I noticed a large dark blue bin on the opposite bench and went to see what was within it only to find a rough pile of books that smelled so gross like they’d been soaking awhile in someone’s flooded basement. “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.” Not cool.

This morning, the sun is lighting up everything so lovingly, the leaves, the chairs, and lilies. I had just walked near the bookshelf in my bedroom a moment, no wind or me moving around anything on the shelf, when caught off-guard, a book on the highest shelf came flying down, grazing my thigh as it landed onto the floor, scaring me. I knelt and picked it up to see it was Frankenstein.

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