A Note For The Morning

‘Rumi tea’ with a splash of almond milk
named by me after the poet

Last night I dreamed I was looking at this tea cup of mine I had found packed away with others just like it in the garage. I had thought then, ‘I don’t think I’d really like to drink out of a small tea cup and packing these cups away will make my cabinets more spacious.’ But I have known that I’ve been known to surprise myself, as I brought in that tea cup, cleansed it, and drank from it with bliss.

In my dream, I was noticing the look of the cup and thought, seeing it fully, ‘I will enter this dream.’

Yesterday when I’d considered I might dream of the painting I’d like to paint before painting it, the thought came to me, ‘I will dream the paint and then paint the dream.’ The words sounded familiar and I wasn’t sure if another artist had said them. I found this quote when I searched for my own words:

‘I dream my painting and I paint my dream’ –Vincent Van Gogh.

And to note a little more, Rumi was not escorted off my first blog post last night (that I had decided to replace for clarity), and neither did he fall off the edge of it, we just moved off a little to one side of it, in the fullness of everything else.

Morning has brought a very real quietness in me as these thoughts settle into words in this post, but I am known to surprise myself in the hours that come and am not a very static or stationary person naturally in things like my moods, dislikes, and the timelines I place myself within.

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