A Lost Book Lands Open Tonight

May 18, 2021

The book I thought was lost opens!

May Ziadeh’s first book of poems in French. There are online translators to paste the words within; here’s a translator.

I will read the first one tonight, scrolled down page links to pg #11.

(This isn’t the cover of the poetry book)


May Ziadeh – Fleurs de rêve, poems (1911)

Ce volume est bien petit, sa valeur est encore moindre. Mais tout être ici-bas a ses palpitations, toute âme a ses élans et chacun de nous s’exprime comme il peut.

Les fleurettes sauvages croissent à l’ombre des grands chênes séculaires ; le rossignol égrène, dans l’air calme du matin, l’harmonieux crescendo de son joyeux soprano, et le moineau vulgaire chante lui aussi, à sa manière ; et, pendant que le fleuve enfle la plaintive voix de ses grandes eaux mélancoliques, les naïves petites sources murmurent, avec une simplicité charmante, leur touchante romance monotone…

This volume is very small, its value is even less. But every being on earth has its palpitations, every soul has its impulses and each of us expresses himself as he can.
Wild florets grow in the shade of large, centuries-old oaks; the nightingale, in the calm air of the morning, sings the harmonious crescendo of his merry soprano, and the vulgar sparrow also sings, in his own way; and, while the river swells the plaintive voice of its great melancholy waters, the naïve little springs whisper, with charming simplicity, their touching monotone romance…


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