Breakfast and a Poem

the sky at sunset last night
During moments of waiting in the day, I had learned more about translating poetry by rereading my own first attempts with online translators and by coming across a different poem yesterday that had been beautifully translated by someone else.
This is my own newest translation of yesterday’s poem by May Ziadeh that I finished just before bed, and I read it now with breakfast. It is an excerpt, the beginning of this poem that would continue on..

Grandiose in the deep sky,

the sun said its customary goodbye 

to the river, the palm trees, 

the sands of this place,

and walked toward the other world.

Then the horizon sent up a sigh

and the heavens were tinged 

with lilac and rose,

quivering colors 

where lies azure

and the breath 

of the zephyr


Cairo was hidden 

beneath a fine mist, 

the trees swirling 

on the brown banks

of the Nile.

The shadow

fell everywhere,

finding no danger

and covered over safely

the plain and the foam.



I will return tonight to read it aloud.

At the bottom of this post is my first try at translating that same poem which I had written by hand.

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