blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Treasures I’ve Found

Painting Ideas

I have three different ideas for paintings with imagined imagery and two have possible titles, and I won’t tell you about any of them in this post.

The last time I set up, I was impressed with the clear wrapper I took off the canvas. The session was over even without me painting anything, but it was complete because I learned something valuable then about light and color taught to me by that wrapper that I looked at and held up awhile.

New Snacks 

I found these natural baked crisps made with cranberry and pumpkin seeds. I ate two before I snapped this photo because they are so good and for a moment eating them seemed the natural next movement than photographing them, but I remembered in time for this photo.


Before I walked into the supermarket last night, I noticed they were selling new plants and one looked like baby marijuana. I looked at it, and I asked • if it was. • said ‘No, they can’t sell marijuana at the grocery store!’ but appeared amused.*

The Sky

As I woke today, I looked at the sky which looked like this, with rose, lilac, and azure, the colors of the sky in yesterday’s poem.

…That time extends one way and the other and wraps lightly around me, and there is space and years, and dreams entwined with facts, and there are parallels and overlapping, and some contrasts that are delicious, and I feel that the novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez knew this; (I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera), and I’ve known we aren’t the only ones.

*If you wish to be anonymous on the blog, you can.

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