A Line of Mine and Some Poems By Other Writers

You might find an understanding, a silent one, that after awhile you find to not really be silent and that took the time to find the words to find you.

Kin To Sorrow
by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Am I kin to Sorrow,  
That so oft
Falls the knocker of my door——  

Neither loud nor soft,
But as long accustomed,  
Under Sorrow’s hand?

Marigolds around the step  
And rosemary stand,
And then comes Sorrow—  

And what does Sorrow care
For the rosemary  
Or the marigolds there?
Am I kin to Sorrow?  
Are we kin?
That so oft upon my door—  
Oh, come in!


By May Ziadeh

O my soul sleepy of images
sweet melancholy
Come back high over me!


By Kahlil Gibran

I would not exchange
the sorrows of my heart
for the joys of the multitude,
and I would not have the tears
that sadness makes to flow 
from my every part 
turn into laughter.
I would that my life remain 
a tear and a smile. 

Fleurs de Reve

by May Ziadeh (1911)

Edna St. Vincent Millay b. Feb.  22, 1892, Maine, USA.
May Ziadeh b. Feb. 11, 1886, Nazareth, Syria.
Kahlil Gibran b. Jan. 6, 1883, Lebanon, Syria.

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