Sweetly Had You Come to Meet Me in the Night?

A literary salon retrospective post! looking to tuesday 🙂

Blush of Dawn

May 31, 2023

Last night I read the many handwritten poems I’d translated, and then again, the latest poem of my own that I had written during My Full Moon Party for the Flower Moon and had not remembered ’til then how I’d concluded it, these days of having been pulled into a poetry cove awhile and then coming back up onto the slightly wet stone ledge in the daytime sun.

I had written a new poem a few days before that last one. I thought today that my current poetry book in progress might contain two parts and that the first poem will fit well in the first part, and the most recent poem would be so nicely in place in the second, but I will see how the poems feel, and land.


[ felt like may ziadeh 🙂 ]

A little while after I’d gone to sleep…

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