Sweetly Had You Come to Meet Me in the Night?

Last night I read the many handwritten poems and then again the latest poem of my own that I had written during the full moon party and had not remembered ’til then how I’d concluded it, these days of having been pulled into a poetry cove awhile and then coming back up onto the slightly wet stone ledge in the daytime sun.

I had written another new poem a few days before that last one. I thought today that my current poetry book in progress might contain two parts and that the first poem will fit well in the first part and the most recent poem would be so nicely in place in the second.


A little while after I’d gone to sleep last night, there was a feeling as if being held from behind and a gentle sway so very subtle a little while and then to face me but I didn’t know yet until there was a kiss high upon my forehead, then at the center, then a pause, and a kiss upon my face, and then again, softly swaying me so very subtly, close and with care awhile longer and then moving away a few moments before I fell asleep.


I hadn’t yet gotten up to this poem in Dream Flowers but I read it today until I get to read more new poems next time:

Slowly bend low over that soft shadow
Who with a silent bouquet goes up to your eyes
So beautiful; just like a star lost in heaven
At the edges of the horizon tilts.

Bend low! and you’ll feel a sister’s voice
— Discreet and yet a vibrant voice of tenderness
Gently wrap you, and a caress,
Sincere wishes of happiness.

May Ziadeh


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