blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

I Woke Up and Looked Up

I woke up and looked up.

Another sky that was painted just how I’d request it if I’d been asked that today.

I had teased in an audio post (scroll to the bottom of this pg to choose a post tag) I’d named this blog, Blush of Dawn and then had been non-stop talking about the moon and not really the morning. But here is the perfect resolution: the moon in a blushing morning sky, a resolution I couldn’t have made myself. This moon is in the sign of Pisces that I was born under.

What May Come This Month

It is now the month of June, its very first day. What might you find here this month?

A couple of post ideas I’d thought of in May that I’d not yet posted including:

*the first graphic or painted book of stories I’d read and I’ll introduce the author too

*a video with practical instructions to give you in something that may also inspire you and lift your mood even if you’re already happy

*my recent, memorable reaction to something in a mostly deserted aisle of Target

May you glance up at the sky today a moment or two if you wish to and however quick the moment may be, may it refresh you and stay with you in your busiest and calmest moments of the day.


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