A True Vignette of Me in Target

If you have read my first post of June, you will know that there are some posts to come and when those posts will appear is not for you to know or really me either.

Tonight I’d like to tell you one from that list of upcoming posts, my memorable reaction to something in a mostly deserted aisle of Target:

It was a little late and I was in a different Target than I usually go to and I don’t remember what I had come for only that I hadn’t found it.

And then I noticed there was an aisle of art supplies that I hadn’t remembered seeing in my routine Target and just then I saw a canvas in the shape of a very pleasant circle that I’d never before seen:

I lifted the canvas and pulled it close to me, closing my eyes and saying quietly, ‘Ahhhh….’ 🙂

While I wasn’t trying to be dramatic at all, I realized afterwards this might’ve appeared like the very affectionate first moment of a happy reunion or a brief reenactment of The Prodigal Son to the two young women who had passed by.


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