Leave Me For Just A Little

The sky today as I woke up, a continuation. And a note from me:

I’ve enjoyed this series of skies. You’ve painted so well and shared your happiness with me at the same time. Thank you, May!

When I lived in Brooklyn, NY I would hope often to someday live somewhere close to nature, where I could be in nature happily alone or with private company, a little more quietly, and I’d see it reverently. But I might wonder, what is it that I’d exactly do in nature? There wouldn’t be something happening there to view as often as one might in a movie, so would it be enough?

It is. If I am not watering the plants or lifting a strawberry off the stem, I will sit and still be very close to civilization. I might find some new words of my own, read a book and slowly flip the pages, see the sky change color and shade at moments of the night or day, and listen to the little nothings that are everything.


I will write a literary critique of the book of poetry I am reading when I am finished because I think the author would like this and I would too.

The next to come literary post will be about the first short story book I’d read that was considered a ‘graphic book’ with the author’s small original paintings telling the stories.

This blog hasn’t become Blush of May, but she continues with a poem of hers I’ve translated:

Leave Me!

By May Ziadeh 

Leave me, leave me 
in this charming asylum; 
Let me live like this, 
live alone and quiet 
far from the noise of the cities; 
Let my eyes 
look at these cherished visions, 
Let my thoughts dream softly 
the enchanted slumbers!

Leave me a few days; 
for I will only hear the light, 
harmonious and tender breath 
that speaks above these mountains; 
Keep away, for a time, 
from me the human voices 
that swell with jealousy 
and worldly hatred: 
Here we love each other!  
Oh, yeah, I do! 
We love each other: these lonely 
trees, these ruins of old times, 
these century-old remains.

And this sad rock; 
Everything loves me 
in these places,
everything attracts me 
and enchants me:
the leaves, I feel them palpitating, 
and the bird sings 
to see me approaching!


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