blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Learning New Letters

July 3, 2021

She was impressed and honored ‘tho I could just read one word “May.” Now I learn words and letters not for another goal but to make her pleased and entertained to hear me try to speak her native language.

I’ve wanted to read more books by this author. I saw only her second book was available to order, her novel called ‘Seeker in the Desert,’ and it is only published in Arabic. A few days ago, I began learning Arabic in lessons starting with the characters. And I realized then I should get the book before I can read it so I will have it.

The book came today. When I looked at the cover, I could figure out which part was her name. I recognized the ‘Ay’ and the ‘Z’ (that letter I already knew somehow before I learned it). I noticed the ‘M’ wasn’t really clear before the ‘ay’ (reading right to left), so I wasn’t sure it was.

Turning to the title page, I saw it shows the same letters but with a clearer printed M, ‘though I hadn’t gotten to learning that letter yet in my lessons. This book seems to start on what I’d usually turn to as the first page and they are numbered. I hope to read the book someday.

Here I am reading all I can at this point, the title page, and on that page, I can only read her name, May Ziade. 💕

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