Learning New Letters

I’ve wanted to read more books by this author. I saw only her second book was available to order, her novel called ‘Seeker in the Desert,’ and it is only published in Arabic. A few days ago, I began learning Arabic in lessons starting with the characters. And I realized then I should get the book before I can read it so I will have it.

The book came today. When I looked at the cover, I could figure out which part was her name. I recognized the ‘Ay’ and the ‘Z’ (that letter I already knew somehow before I learned it). I noticed the ‘M’ wasn’t really clear before the ‘ay’ (reading right to left), so I wasn’t sure. Turning to the title page, I saw it shows the same letters but with a clearer printed M, ‘though I hadn’t gotten to learning that letter yet. This book seems to start on what I’d usually turn to as the first page and they are numbered.

Here I am reading all I can at this point, the cover page, and on that page, I can only read her name, May Ziade, and I hope to read the book someday.

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