My Cat Peeko And His Selections and Approvals in Social Settings

Peeko says hi and good morning; it is now dawn and the time of sunrise behind such puffy clouds. He only seems to make this glamorous expression if I ask him if he’d like to take a photo for his best friend Gigi, a fellow Scorpio.

If he winks at you, you are right above average, and if he winks twice or slowly closes both eyes, you are rare and extraordinary.


• and I thought we were going to need a pet sitter, so I found a site of local ones and was going to choose one when I thought to see if Peeko wanted to pick the person himself.

I showed him a few photos and some he would put his ears way back and look annoyed, especially if they looked too excited about their love for animals, and others he would look coolly in the other direction.

I showed him another photo and he looked at it and then winked at me. I showed him a few others, then back to that one, and he winked again. I looked at the woman’s profile and saw she was also charging a lot more than the other sitters. 💵

But we ended up not needing one.

Here he is with me reading the poems I’d translated and then had written by hand. His eyes were mid-wink and this is the one with the highest level of affection as both eyes slowly close and then re-open. He’d done this while sitting with Edna St. Vincent Millay’s book of poetry and in this one for May Ziadeh’s.

He loved a poem of hers in which she’d mentioned “the tops of the birds’ heads,” but probably for a different reason than she’d written the line herself. Right after, he transitioned into hunting birds on the window sill through the glass.

I had read Peeko a poem while • was listening to something with headphones, thinking he wouldn’t hear it like that, but he could and was about to ask me to stop reading. Peeko picked up on this before I did and he began looking like he was getting into his ‘threatening the prey-mode’ staring • down and swishing his tail, like ‘Do you have a problem with poetry? Well maybe I have a problem with you.’

And the readings would continue at a better time, sometimes after Peeko’s lunch as since that recent addition to his day (with his same wet food now in three portions), he sometimes sees that as his socialization time and may listen to a poem rather than nap straight through the day.

He now knows the words ‘lunch’ and ‘literature.’

This is my tea cabinet, just restocked (with the full bags’ remainders in another cabinet for when I will replenish these jars.)

This photo is a glimpse into a post to come.

If you are new to the blog and wish to know, • is a symbol for anonymity. If you see your name here, it will be replaced with a symbol upon request.

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