blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

This Saturday Morning—Welcome, Why Not Step Inside

Last night as I had just sat down to read awhile before bed, in the corner of my eye, I saw the color and sheen of the sky and stood.

Such lovely gold in the center surrounded by rose and blue. I think I know who painted that.
I thought, the rose is my favorite part.

And then it was like she had said, I will surprise you; I’ll add even more of that blush. It closed my night so sweetly like the cover of a satisfying storybook tapped closed.

Stepping Out in the Morning

This morning I went outside to take the garbage out early just around 6 am this Saturday morning, well-rested and lulled when a woman was coming out at the same time. In one slow, subtle movement I held the door open, stepped to the side, a heavy bag in one hand but not weighing me down, and very comfortably barefoot (My feet are very well; I go out once in awhile like this mainly if it had rained, and my feet don’t find it strange anymore, and I care for them too).

It is a very foggy morning, and I thought the way everything was mist-laden, me awake early and not strained and also barefoot, waiting peacefully as she arrived at the door, might’ve been part of why the woman thanked me with a look of a little confusion too like I wasn’t really there.

It is nice to think of what a good amount of mist can do with an ordinary day.

Signs and the Moon

The moon has moved from Pisces to Aries. I like astrology for its artistic elements, and I was wondering what it was I felt was missing in my understanding of myself and my birth chart.

People may find me different from how they may imagine me knowing I am a Pisces, poet, artist, and teach yoga, so they may think I will likely be very shy, quiet, and introverted. But then I’ll start talking sometime and there’s a flow of words and the volume may start to really increase, and maybe some hand movements, and some strange, exciting humor, and if it’s a party there may be dancing.

And then I remembered that there is a ‘rising sign’ and I see it now, my rising sign is Aries, which adds energy and an active life and other occurrences of fire with some repeated Sagittarius in my chart along with Pluto in Scorpio. And also plenty of Pisces including Venus and a moon in Cancer.

First Book’s Title

I’ve read and translated almost all of the first section of May Ziadeh’s first book and am continuing to handwrite more of them, all of the shorter or medium length ones. I will then translate the longer ones. And I am writing new poems for my own book too when I find myself drawn to it again.

I can’t wait to complete section two as it is very interesting with more of a prose-poetry style. As I’ve been reading more of them, I feel that May might like a different translation of her title than I’d written first, based on what I sense of her personality and writing style.

I originally wrote the book’s title from the original French as ‘Dream Flowers’ but the more exact translation from ‘Fleurs de Reve’ would be ‘Flowers of a Dream’ and I feel she’d like this better. I considered flowers ‘from’ a dream as being a little too indifferent kind of like if a friend gives you a gift and writes on it: ‘from, [their name]’ like they don’t want you to think that they love you.

So I will make a cover paper and hand write, ‘Flowers of a Dream.’ I imagined last night she might say that this variation is like ‘strolling unhurriedly down the aisles of a very beautiful garden.’


Happy Saturday, my darling(s)! 🙂

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