Some Literary Criticism: Marquez

Are you trying to spoil me? Rose syrup and a rose sky to go with it. 🙂


Over the weekend, I finished reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a favorite book now as the first time I’d read it long ago I didn’t get it as much but knew I’d wanted to come back to it someday.

I will share my personal critique. This book review writing like all of mine will not contain anything that would get in the way of you being able to experience reading the book anew or for the first time:

Marquez writes out this story in a semi-cool, casual tone that increases the impact of the meanings and lets the characters’ stories in their everyday lives unfurl with a realism that may remind the reader of their friends telling of all that they are doing or did that day, but I found his tellings seemed less like one is dragged down and away by these doings, and finds that time is truly expansive.

There is a distance maintained in the narration that shows the reader a wider perspective that is done partly by how often the characters’ last names are used and so maybe not as close a view as if the reader is just given their first each time. It is an illuminating story.

This is a book I loved and yet I don’t feel I should deduct a star because I may not know for sure if I will read it again, or again and again; it satisfied me so well in this reading.

Some brevity in certain moments of the story could improve this and maybe some smoother transitions too. And yet some of the more detailed, involved passages were really good and made the book more immersive, and certain transitions also really impressed me. I had been interested in the magical realism genre in the past and had read just a few; I would like to read more of it, including more by Marquez.


To come: Thoughts on the graphic fiction book, Sweet Time by Pixin Weng

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