I Tapped Closed Flowers of a Dream, My Heart Within It

June 8, 2021

Dear May, This is so beautiful, thank you. It makes me think I might paint some of your skies onto my canvas with gratitude towards you, and extend this happiness.

Last night, I finished collecting all of the poems of Flowers of a Dream by May Ziadeh in English and then I read through them all, letting the changes to improve word choice and order come to mind, taking into consideration sound and synonyms and listening for the author’s voice and writing style above all this to know.

I read ‘til the end of the book last night, finding myself so within the poems as I’ve been, and was stunned by how a few of my own lines in writing and in ideas, past and recent times, I’d found there in her varying words, especially the concluding poem. And when I got to the last poem just as I was reading it my phone started scrolling more than once in the opposite direction and yet nothing was on the well-maintained screen, felt to be done teasingly, which amused me.

She mentions in her book a ‘sweet duty to fulfill,’ and that was how I felt translating them, such a very sweet thing I felt I’d needed to do. Now that I have read the book, I will write about it and share that soon. And am thinking of ways to share the book in an English version.

I also find myself wishing to return more closely to my own book in progress, to write poems and see if the ones already written need anything else.


The Sun is in Gemini, Moon in Taurus. I see the moon’s going in order of the signs now and I am not sure if it does this for a time every year. I do not like it, yet this kind of predictability isn’t completely ruining the fun of my own existence, so I let the moon do its perfect order as long as it does.

Another one who likes perfection is my cat Peeko. If you aren’t a pet or cat person, he will know and slowly convert you. He won’t sit very close but close enough to be near you and make you uncomfortable, and he will so very, very gradually over the hours make his way closer. But only if you have a neat appearance with a clean look, neat clothes, and a nice haircut; otherwise he will not care to do this.


A list of Kindle ebooks by May Ziadeh; under the Arabic spelling, an assortment of books come up including free ones, so I sent them to my Kindle. If you can read them now, that is great and may you enjoy reading; I am on my way to catching up to you someday:


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