The Night Is Closing with the Sound of a Secret Periodical Just Found

Along with the chirps of birds, one that sounds like a little whirlpool and the other’s happily questioning reply, and the deep hum of distant cars passing by, I’ve found an article I’d not known of and again I wasn’t looking for anything new.

A book I was saddened had been lost had suddenly fallen open mid-May, and I don’t know how this periodical was found, but this article, written in French, is here. I’ve bookmarked it for the future; it isn’t long, but I wish to savor it when the time feels right—something you might like to read yourself sometime or with an online translator:

‘Souvenirs of Lebanon’ by May Ziadeh, from a magazine.

Now the birds are no longer talking and the cars have slowed, they must be as sleepy as I am, and the sky is the color of plums.

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