Today’s Funeral for The Calla Lilies

When I first got them

Includes a new Oct. 2021 note:

The Calla Lilies breathed their last breath on the balcony as it is very likely they did not prefer this humid climate. They did not go without appreciation though; I set them to lie in peace in the forest in late morning on the other side of the fence not far from my balcony.

This is a short video of the funeral. I didn’t go over that fence of course. I said a brief prayer of appreciation and farewell; these lilies lived with such gentle affection in their short life and gave and received kindness and care.

May you feel appreciation and affection sent your way.

Oct. ’21 Note: I would later learn when disheartened and upset about all the forests burning down and without relief that this kind of practice of leaving a plant or logs of wood piled in the forest can lead to forest fires! I am glad to have gained new knowledge of nature to apply in the future.

Today’s first post: I Tapped Closed ‘Flowers of A Dream’, My Heart Within It

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