When Summer Begins You Can Win a Book of Poetry

I would like to say hello to new readers and to anyone who’s been reading awhile. On the blog, you can win this poetry book for free!

I received an extra copy of it when my first missing one had turned up in my mailbox, and it was a happy surprise; now you can be surprised too.

To enter, comment below. If you are the winner, I’ll email you to receive your shipping address, all costs covered by me.

While the author had not specifically requested this giveaway herself, she is aware and happy about it.

From my review of the book:

Hedy Habra writes Tea in Heliopolis with a balance of emotion, exploration, gentleness, and strength and with beautiful use of ekphrasis (using vivid words one might to describe a painting.)

While I purchased the book before I knew about the author, coincidentally, both Habra and my previous read, [May] Ziadeh have a connection to Lebanon and Egypt, mention Greek and Egyptian mythology in their work, like Isis, and portray a full picture of Lebanon and Egypt not simply as physical landscapes.

Tea in Heliopolis captures both past and present and places near and far apart with a gentle voice that shows what one might see in oneself and in family and in people one has not yet met. It features scenes in nature as if painted with brushstrokes, melodious poems without strict meter; touch, texture, and the sense of taste, found in memory, mind, and heart.

Enter the free giveaway for Tea in Heliopolis by commenting below, entries open until the morning of Monday, June 21.

I will place the names on little papers in a tea cup and draw the winner on that day.

Best of luck!

To learn more about the author and her work, visit hedyhabra.com.


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