Tales To Tell This Morning

Good morning. I opened my eyes to such a blush of rose in the sky that made me smile instinctively and I sent up a kiss and then another one (instead of trying to capture it on camera first.) Last night ended the same.

Birds and a Cat

Cardinals were setting up a nest to move into the roof of the balcony although I haven’t seen them in days. They were deliberately teasing Peeko for awhile and agitating him, standing right in front of the window and bouncing side to side looking in like ‘You can’t get us!’

While I myself wouldn’t enjoy hunting, I had to step in a little at first and tell them not to tease him.

Then it became a mutually satisfying, slightly abusive relationship in which both the birds and Peeko seemed to be enjoying scaring and annoying each other.

‘Get a life, kindly,’ says Peeko.

The cardinals would call for him in the day and sometimes he’d stand up and look out the window proudly like ‘These birds are losers, but they are my friends.’

Now that they’ve been gone a few days, he’s been enjoying extra long afternoon siestas uninterrupted.

Sometimes he will tilt his head with an expression on his face that makes him look like he is wearing a top hat, or should be.


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