Morning Tea with a Guest from Above, My Grandma

I set up a chair for whichever guest may arrive for tea this morning. I imagined then my grandma sat down, saying “Hi Jade.” She would be awake early like me even on a Sunday.

I put on Frank Sinatra’s soothingly older sounding songs from Past, Present, and Future, the musician she’d listened to when she was younger, beginning with “The Song is You.” I also especially like “My Shining Hour” and “They All Laughed.”

I am having sencha green tea, but she’s having black tea with two tea bags and milk with two sugars.

Even if she’s passed away, it is refreshingly realistic to have a chair set up and a tea cup for her, one she’d given to me. I received this idea of setting up a chair from a Jesuit years ago, for Jesus and more conversational prayers as though feeling close like a friend, which I’ve done too.

But this particular morning, my grandma has come. I imagine her saying, “You look great.” And noticing the begonias to the side of her outside on the patio through the door, she would say, “Ohh, look at that, just beautiful!”


My mom, my sister and her dog Isabella, and my grandma with her 95th birthday cake my mom made for her.


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