Tuesday At The Literary Salon, May’s House

June 21, 2021

Were they drinking rose syrup in their coffee at those literary gatherings, maybe in Egypt, or was it a choice between rose syrup and coffee? Well, this is a question I wondered and typed into the search. I think some people might have chosen coffee and maybe put rose syrup in theirs too.

It is Tuesday and I learned a literary salon would’ve been hosted today at the author and poet, May Ziadeh’s house in Cairo, Egypt.

I would ask for a little rose syrup and drink it happily from a tiny cup amongst other guests maybe mostly drinking coffee.

English Translations of Flowers of A Dream

I am very near having all of the first book of poems by May translated into my best words of English and in the correct order of contents, that seemed she’d write and that fit the poems. I worked on this a lot today. I will likely have this book done this week to send to a translator who may wish to check them, but am not rushed. Tonight I am listening to the rain. And in days to come I will learn more letters and spelling in Arabic.

I was asked some time ago, “What? You’re learning a new language just to read one book??”

Answer, yes. If this book I have, May’s first novel, was the only book I was able to read, I’d still learn the language. But I will probably want to read other ones. So follow your dreams even if no one else around you can decipher the sounds of their footsteps or their rewards.


I was so happy to return to the beach the other day with a deeper appreciation of the ocean. I thought of the “double blues” I’d read in this book of poems, of the sky and water, and of the word, “azure.” It is a beautiful sounding word that I don’t hear often.

And again, it is Tuesday, and if I was at the salon discussing literary thoughts tonight, I would say, “I am reading a book, another one, that I right away noticed as showing such an insightful view of time with expansiveness and years cherished even with their hard parts that can still hurt when recalling them.

It is just like an embrace long waited for, with such vivid, living memories. And me telling about this, I just now thought of those ‘cuddly flowers’ bringing resolve too in a way and extra comfort. It’s so fun to draw those flowers even before I read May describe flowers as cuddly. I discovered it’s nice to find a flower that brings comfort like these cuddly ones and even more when your understanding of life is a little like this too.”

If you were at this gathering and wanted to share your own thought, what might you say?

Book I Mentioned: The House At Riverton by Kate Morton.

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