Tapping The Book Closed But The Words Go On

May put me in a seaside poetry cove with her awhile and then she put the blush of dawn back into this blog.

Today I finished translating into English and choosing the most fitting words for Flowers of a Dream by May Ziadeh (published under the penname, Isis Copia in 1911.) This project taught me a lot about translating poems as I enjoyed thinking, which word would May pick for this poem? and also finding myself close to the poems themselves and within their world.

Having been absorbed in this project awhile and reading another book of poetry too, Tea in Heliopolis by Hedy Habra and then browsing through my own first two poetry books, Moonflower and A Little Honey Sweetens The Flame allowed me to have some needed space away from my own book in progress that I began in April and to gain more direction, seeing what it currently lacks while being invigorated to have begun adding those qualities in to my best ability and being patient with the result. I will write about the inspirations and process of this book another time for anyone who likes to read about another’s feelings and experiences in writing.

Not solely poetry writing, but the size and appearance of text really came into focus for me as well through this and I can see now how to possibly make the print and the poems on the page appear clearer and more graceful to read.

I tap closed my work on Flowers of a Dream by May Ziadeh, but it’s the gentle sound of not feeling sad that a book is over because it isn’t, even when it’s not open. And I will be glad to share these the best I can, having sent them to a writer who knows French and English and also finding out if I can receive permission for sharing this book.

The sun is so glittery, so warm, streaming its light in wide ribbons; tomorrow, Thursday, will be the day of the full Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, or Honey Moon, and it’ll be in Capricorn…

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