The First Painted Fiction I Read and A Paintbrush to Hold


Sometime in the night I opened my eyes a moment to a very big golden moon and so bright, better than the dreams I had that I don’t remember. The moon will be full in Capricorn and it is called the Strawberry moon among other names.

And now onto the book review…

I hadn’t read graphic fiction before but I saw Sweet Time by Pixin Weng on a bookshelf in a store in Boston and took it home with me. I loved how big the paintings were and how there was so much to tell in few words and a generous amount of art and yet surprisingly few when it comes to effective storytelling.

My most memorable part was the section of observations in New York City (where I’m from) that included people on the subway and views on the street and then the very sudden trip to Canada and seeing some contrast in the sights. Because of some sexual content toward the end of the book, I’d recommend it only to those over eighteen.


I wish to place a paintbrush in my hand again. I have three different ideas for paintings and in this post, l will tell you none of them. I found my two little lost sketchbooks which were hidden inside another and these are all great for some planning.

I asked an artist at the art gallery some questions about the gallery (for the future.) He asked me how many paintings I had.

I told him two right now. (I am getting back into it; some other originals were lost in Hurricane Sandy.) Two sounded so pitiful, I could tell! but he didn’t seem judgmental.

And what if I told you now there’s only one because the second, I had seen might be best in the form of my original idea for it?

I will paint, maybe today…


Find more about the author of the book reviewed in this post:

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