I’ll Play My Own Part

The little book I wished to read and couldn’t spot on the shelves at the library yesterday I believe was called Faery Queene by Edmund Spenser, and online today, it says the book is at that library with the call number… I could place a hold online but next time I wish to, I will go back and ask the librarian to find it if I don’t see it again. Funny how I thought the idea to throw the books around everywhere first before that I could ask the librarian. But the first idea is more amusing anyway.

As of last night, I now have a box of pencils (as yesterday’s post introduced), a sharpener, and a pack of erasers, so I can sketch my painting idea in one of my long lost forgotten sketchbooks, finally.

For now, I will not rush right to the library for Faerie Queene; I have plenty of novels to read, and so I might just be a fairy myself.

Yesterday’s post I mentioned: A Not So Blissful Little Day’s Adventure

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