My Pencil Tracing Up and On


My cat Peeko typed the above and is now standing proudly and accomplished.

It was exciting to see that I had found some forgotten sketches in this forgotten Van Gogh blank book. Yesterday I sketched the beginning of the painting I wish to paint next and will add to it next time as what I drew was what I know of my painting now.

I was also so satisfied with this eraser whose softness had me with spellbinding adoration questioning the limits of physical reality.

This art happened yesterday, which was also the best shopping day of my memory in which I got things I needed in one day and just one thing I will easily exchange today. I am more touched than I thought I would be that I have found some blue-colored clothing as I would have this color in mind in stores and never find it for some reason.

Peeko introduced this post and now he would like to conclude it too.

His two main aims in life are annoying his dad and getting a proper education.

He also doesn’t put up with nonsense, shown here as there was some neighbor lingering a little long in the hallway, clumsily jingling keys, and not going in.

‘Get in your apartment, fool.’ —Peeko

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