A Recent Online Poetry Reading by Indelible

This was a great, relaxed Zoom poetry reading by Indelible for their just launched latest issue. I attended it having heard of the event through the author and artist Hedy Habra whose poetry book I’d recently bought and had hosted on this blog a giveaway for the free extra copy l’d accidentally received myself.

During the short break at around the 1 hr. mark of this YouTube recording of the event, you can see me sharing some comments of my own on two of the poets I’d heard at the reading.

You can find that break beginning at around 59 min. and me commenting just after the 59:30 min. mark and then again a few moments after that.

Launching of Indelible’s Issue No. 5


I hope your week has begun well. I’ve been making final touches on some poems I wrote beginning this April to submit to newly found literary magazines and also imagining more ideas for another painting.

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