A Mid-Summer’s Night Thunder

a recent photo of the poetry section at the library as I’d found it extended even more than I first saw

My first painting in awhile that I’d posted on the blog, “The Storm That Shook Me” was an expression of the soul-stirring effects of different kinds of storms. (The links on the top of the blog will show you posts tagged ‘my poetry’ and ‘my art.’ I’ve just tagged old ones too.)

Last night before bed, there was a thunderstorm in Massachusetts and it was an invigorating one as storms can inspire great art.

A short storm video from my yoga YouTube channel:

Thunderstorm Night Yoga

(The title of this post is my own little variation of Shakespeare’s play, A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.)

Last night’s late post: Resolution, Something That Scared Me, and The Moon I Greeted

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