A Picture Perfect Playwright in a Book and An Unexpected Trivia Game

I went to this cafe tonight and I was the only one there looking at all these books or even just any of the books at all. I looked through every one I could reach on my toes.

I didn’t end up liking this book too much, although I opened it very, very eagerly in which • suggested my excitement was maybe too much for the cafe environment (Questionable.) And I thought the guy I photoed in the background of this looked cool.

I was thinking this guy in the photo, this book of plays, which was the one I’d chosen to read, had just won the spot above the story of ‘girls camping all night outside Justin Bieber’s house’ for the thing that scared me the most this year.

I played a trivia game at dinner at a restaurant nearby that cafe. No, I wasn’t drunk or drinking in this, but I wanted to pick a name I made up on the spot and my fingers can be fast-moving and press different keys, so there, my impromptu name, ‘Judge Judy’ came out as this version.

I am in first place which was pretty funny because I purposely chose the category “Movies” as I may be able to count the movies I’ve seen on one hand (I’ve been more into books and music) and was planning to lose for fun.

(And I was going to watch The Prophet next but I’d recently fallen into deep despair of the man, Kahlil Gibran for a reason I do not know, and which passed), so I felt it maybe isn’t the time for me to watch that one, but do share a movie you’ve liked.

And I won! I wasn’t sure if these were real people playing with me and at one moment I said aloud, ‘No one would actually be named Colton I don’t think though’ when a guy passed by the table who looked like he could be named Colton. ✔️

I didn’t receive any prize.

*If you wish to be anonymous on the blog, you can, and receive a symbol instead.

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