Happy Fourth of July Especially From Peeko

I asked Peeko if he’d like to take a photo to say hi to the readers on the blog and this is his Happy Fourth postcard to you. He will be coming up on the blog with another post but for now he’d like to share a new favorite song of his by Marshmello feat. Juicy J.

He also finds it funny if someone refers to him as a ‘dog’ or ‘pup’ and likes the song, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ by Snoop Dogg. You may call him a ‘dog’ but he’s hearing it as ‘Dogg.’ Besides that, he appreciates considering the merit in different fine art paintings and literature.

Peeko’s Song Pick:

Marshmello x Eptic feat. Juicy J – Hitta (Explicit)


Earlier today, a book review: The House at Riverton, Part Magical, Mostly Realistic, And A Little Experimental

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