A One Minute Library Trip And Afterwards

It was a quick decision last night to go back to the library and try to find that little book of poetry I’d not found last time now that I had the call number. Thunder began to sound from outside as I was walking through the poetry aisle to find Faery Queene by Edmund Spenser. After I found the book, I put it back for a second to take a quick video of what this was like, link at the end of this post.

I had started reading it at the end of the storm, this little book that I’d misremembered as golden but it is green, and I’ve put Hemingway on hold until after. This book, Faerie Queene begins with a storm in its first pages.

And then there were rainbows everywhere I turned:

But it was much bigger, I realized.

Another stop

Leaving to go back home

This last stop, I was warmed by the blush and vibrance in the sky.

My brief video of the library trip:

Finding The Book, A Reenactment Right Then

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