My Lips Are A Little More Sealed

Am I speaking things that together with the listener brings me down in their reply? I don’t continue to share, I treasure them myself, or when someone else wants to know more, and the frustration dissipates in time; ties to the world and spiritual world and my own self soothe me. There are other things they may like to hear.

I am mostly human and very mythical too.

Am I speaking so that the other person can’t hear their own questions even if I am present and listening to what they say?

I write this to practice quieting myself and yet not be forever still in silence…but less speech now may give me more energy for the many things I’d like to do in writing, art, and teaching yoga.

Now there is enough space for you to ask the questions you need to hear; you know beneath the surface you’ll benefit from no one but you saying the answers and there could be many, and valuable questions with answers that may not come.

I let you ask the questions I know I should not answer; my silence lifts you up. Less talk begins to show you clearly what you treasure, hidden or heard or around you, and that I am here and there and here…


Ajeet – Haseya

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