Music to Drink In and Fanciful Scenes That Could Be

Mattapoisett, MA

One of my inspirations for writing and painting is music even though I am not musically talented or wish to create it myself. (I would sing perpetually off key and was classified in chorus as mezzo-soprano but I think that was a guess of not enough information.)

For me there is very little separation between art and life as everything experienced, including great music, can create in me a theme or impression and place me in a nourished, eager spot to create my own art.

Even minor things I don’t like can bring a thrill because I can collect them all like stories, such as my last trip to Target when my sandal slipped off as I was turning a bend into an aisle and a woman was coming up behind me as I was quickly (I had lived the first part of my life in Brooklyn, NY; speed comes naturally), slipping on my sandal, but she decided to step right over my bare foot as if I should just go shoeless because of her crossing and the extra two milliseconds it might take to slip my sandal on. I know I’ve written of myself walking comfortably barefoot outside, but this lady shouldn’t decide that for me—and now this story is plastered on the blog. I’m usually ready for an adventure whenever I arrive at the store.

But, back to music, Lisa Hannigan has been my favorite singer-songwriter awhile; I was so glad to see last year that she’d presented a poem by the forgotten by me Irish writer, Seamus Heaney and reminded me that I’d like to read a book of his poetry again.

And the song…this is a gorgeous, mythologically evocative performance by Lisa Hannigan of her song, ‘Fall’ with a quiet, poetical orchestral setting.


Lisa Hannigan – Fall

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