My Dream Took My Post Title and I Want to Move So This One Will Do

The blog’s been on a fairies theme and then moved to more poetry and music and Rumi (who almost got tossed off a blog post for good again today accidentally by my fast-moving fingers pressing things, but I caught it and let’s not let this happen again!) and now we have another song to puff up your writing or breathe into your life. Be assured, the fairies are restless to return and they will. I am well into Book I of Faery Queene. But even when your fingers are firing up words and paint it’s great to stand up too. I’d been sitting awhile and gained the fat I’d wished for and I like to move too.

Target brings me another new story: I was quickly passing an aisle when I saw a mirror reflecting some nice shoes and feet and legs and I was thinking, ‘Wow who is that? So hot” only to recognize my own shoes and jeans and that it was me! But I didn’t fall into any pond then or drown in my own love for myself (Greek mythology).


Bebe Rexha – I Got Time

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