Was That The Sound of Fairy Bells?

Found a shady pine to sit beneath and am reading The Faery Queene, passed by with my keys around my wrist with that pale green band chiming like bells, past the neighbor sitting on her front patio drinking coffee, smiled at the tiny old green book in my hands. I had a little bit of grass on my foot, my feet wet with dew on my sandals and my hair just newly dry and a very light morning breeze moving by.

I like this book now, realized it is read best at its own sort of pace, a slower pace than I’d read a book in Modern English or one in a form that’s not epic poetry, and I had gone back to the start of the book to read it in this way it feels read best.

I am on page 30 which is Canto III. Faery Queene is an epic poem written in Early Modern English by Edmund Spenser in the medieval era and published in England. I found it is clearest to read the words as how they’d sound aloud knowing they’re spelled differently than Modern English and the words are arranged in different ways yet I’m finding it comprehensible and enjoyable about five hundred years later.

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