Good Morning, As If Still With The Sea Wind

A photo of mine taken last night at Nantasket beach, MA

I woke with almost-curls in my hair from the breeze of the sea smoothed in sleep and I am calm and wild in one.

There was music on the beach again, some lyrics like ‘Is she a Capricorn? Maybe she’s a Virgo…’ I thought this was some hip hop performance being improvised live and so I asked them, ‘What about a Pisces?’ ‘…Pisces?’ But it was a radio.

Another song:


Bebe Rexha – That’s It

And my reply to this part of the song is… I will do dishes even if at this time it isn’t the full by hand experience; I will be placing those clean spoons in the drawer, loving the sweet tinkling sound of one after the other, with a smile upon my face.

🎶 ‘I hail outta Brooklyn’ ✔️😊


Last night before leaving home: A Libra Moon (for Rumi)

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