Peeko’s Personal Advice For You to Improve Your Life

He happens to find it funny to give the appearance that you could rub his belly, but he will try to bite your hand if you don’t know better and try to.

My cat Peeko has mastered the fine philosophy of noticing and appreciating the moment of an upward swing in your day and life. I will amend this post just a little because while Peeko is wise and has a wide range of knowledge, including the many forms of fine art and culture, he is also drawn to violence and destruction along with these, so I will provide a note to make this less dangerous for you.

As an introduction about him, Peeko is an affectionate cat and will enjoy routine times when he will like the top of his head kissed. He will allow for many kisses when I wake up in the morning and will jump on the bed when I just step out of it, so I can pet him and kiss him as he walks around on the bed and sometimes purrs too. When I give him breakfast, he will also allow many kisses and will press his cheek against my face. At lunchtime, he will request just one kiss on the top of his head and the same for dinner. If I ever give him say, three kisses and he only wanted two, he will be very happy and then will look at me with frustration by the third and it is best that I step back then. But not to dismay, my allotment for kisses will reset the next day. And now onto his personal advice to make you and your life better:

When Peeko accidentally got closed in my walk-in closet a few minutes, when I heard him hitting the door with his paw and I opened it, he looked very frustrated with me and afraid. But as soon as he stepped out of the closet and noticed he was perfectly free again, he was even happier than usual and began strolling around the home quickly with a smile and look of glee upon his face.

But then he tried to quickly hide behind my art portfolio in the closet the next day, so he could get caught there again and then enjoy the blissful moment of being let out and set free again! I didn’t let this happen though and he stopped trying in a few days, so I am amending this part. But well, a person may have a setback that will pass at a time but they may cling to the idea that they went through an inconvenience, a minor one and not enjoy the first moments of satisfaction that come and are highlighted as even more pleasant from having gone through a small trouble that day and then passing it as a contrast. So, maybe don’t try to put yourself in a bad place just to get free of it but notice when you do meet a place of greater freedom or peacefulness and enjoy that ‘cause that struggle’s done! Great wisdom, Peeko.

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