Afternoon Brings Envelopes, Lessons, and Literary and Artistically Appealing Things for Future Days

July 20, 2021

The highlight: a segment from my cat’s poetry class. This cat does not do tricks, anything he does is on his own.

There have been so many things to settle these past five days mostly related to things like daily life and errands that don’t need to be explored here but made me realize I needed some more rest today. And so the early morning hours, I first sent email to a lawyer (he has done gratuitous research to point me in the right direction in finding any relatives of May Ziadeh or copyright cautions of her work for an English translation and where to go from there) and got ready a poetry event coming up in August that I will be sharing here soon and was glad for the invite from a kind Australian poet friend.

I sat by the window awhile lounging with Sencha green tea as I’d written of in today’s earlier post. And I am doing a second post because I’m resting for the rest of the day, it’s great to sort out noisy ideas, and a nice way to reach out to anyone here (Hi 🙂 ) who may have a similar thought or find my thoughts fun.

It is a year since my grandma died who I’ve written about on the blog in memoir stories tagged grandma jean. I remembered recently how I used to call her early from Massachusetts while she was living in Brooklyn, New York where I grew up because I knew she would be awake and well-progressed in her day in the morning. She’d say to me, “Oh, you’re up early like me! That’s because you’re smart.” 😊

I want to do a lot of things, like finalize my yoga teaching business and be ready to hopefully teach outside in Mansfield mid-Fall and get approved for particular dates I’d needed to request in advance, I’d also like to continue writing poems for my book and submit them to literary magazines online before completing the book and find more readers who may want to read this book (and blog), publish my English translation of Fleurs de Reve by May Ziadeh if safe to publish, so English readers could be able to read her poetry and know her, with help from a translator to check original French accuracy, paint more canvases to sell online and places in person, and also continue learning Arabic so I can someday read more books by May Ziadeh (they aren’t found in English), I downloaded free ebooks of hers in Arabic along with buying the paperback version of her novel, Seeker in the Desert in Arabic—these are my current things along with yoga on Facebook live.

When I learned more about May’s life and the date of her first book (I’d read a little of her poetry before her biography,) the one in French Fleurs De Reve she’d published at age 25 in 1911, I thought also of my first book I haven’t thought of much in recent times as it’s not currently in print. She’d chosen her first book to be published under a pen-name like I’d had and hearing the feeling behind it that she’d had for choosing a pen-name, my own came to mind as I’d had this similar feeling of ‘modesty’ when I published that very quick, short, temporarily printed book of short fiction in 2011 at the same age of 25 and was more recently reminded of fiction-writing.

I’d felt I’d like to write fiction again yet know I won’t start a big project just now; there is time, years ahead not yet found, and I can still write fictitiously in the meantime too, which can be fun. I’d found fiction beginning in some posts on here I’d tagged as fiction and wrote to put myself into a good dream that night, or after falling out of a bad one to find a good one when I fell back asleep.

So there may be the thought that I will clean Thursday, make meal plans Mondays, shop, put away food, cook, care for my cat Peeko, return things that disappoint me that can come up, and find a better shower curtain liner, and laundry on Friday, but I see I will move diligently in my creative tasks through one week and another, without adding a bunch of extra big things to do just now just because they feel fun. Time is a good thing, and I know rest placed in well makes a much more productive time along with the ease of a good pace that I like, with natural efficiency.

So I will have fun with fiction sometime, I have a pen I like and a very stable pad of paper, a phone, and a laptop.

I got mail today that was addressed to my own business named LLC and I knew the govt. may not congratulate me in these envelopes and may give me things to do or money to give by a certain date in a stern way, but I sent a photo of the envelopes unopened to my mom who would be more encouraging and happy than they, after I’d opened them and read them.

I have a couple numbers to call tomorrow for certain divisions to ask as I don’t feel I require what they want me to send money for but we will see; I’d learned a lot about business through my online research that I’d not known before, so I will not send off money with a frown just today because I don’t know yet the full picture before I call tomorrow.

And this boy is thrilled with his English class, so you can watch the very short introduction to Peeko’s poetry lesson and see what a smart pupil he is:

The moon’s in Sagittarius and I was a bit upset when I saw it moving in perfect order for so, so long, but there is a twist coming soon; I’m already aware!

Earlier today: Pink Roses with Gold

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