What Would They Say?

I had some garden mishap with the strawberry plants and had also repotted them and there hadn’t been anymore budding strawberries since then. The plants also each had a look like ‘What the ***l just happened to me?’ and their soil was a little on a slant with some tiny hill when I’d tried to give them richer soil I’d had and they’d stayed pretty stiff where I’d pressed them into the new soil.

But I watered them and placed my hand upon the pots before or after, I pruned any dead leaves or petals, and I blessed them each a couple of times, just a sign of the cross in the air the priest may do facing the parishioners. Whether they knew the words or it was something they’d needed, it was just as nice, I felt.

Some pictures this afternoon as I am now inside filling the watering can and then to water the plants. I noticed these new things.

“I forgive you.”

“I continue.”

JULY 29th UPDATE: The strawberry plants want the flowers removed in the first year! I am removing them now that I have this understanding whether or not they begin to bear fruit again.

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