A Profession I Am Not Pursuing and A Dream to Match It

I like to write poems and sometimes read them aloud. And enjoy a restful yoga night. I may paint another canvas soon.

I hadn’t liked the way these pants fell, but I wasn’t crazy about them anyway but comfortable ‘loungewear’ and you will see why I don’t think that I should hem your clothes at this time, or maybe even sew them.

A nice even length on both sides.

And a look like… The Flintstones…Maybe Pebbles.

Maybe a full moon coming too.

I had a dream about these shorts after I made them and went to sleep. In the dream, I was out on the street when I looked down and said, ‘Oh, I should change these, they’re all uneven and the back’s all messed up and not presentable I tried to cut them…’ To which the reply was, ‘No that’s fine I don’t even wear pants if it’s the weekend’ And off we go in a quick pace, maybe running late!

So no more hemming (for now), but night is here and I can do yoga better.

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