Five Quotes from the Past That Feel True Now

I came across these in Google when I was looking for quotes during a moment of rest hours after I’d posted the photo and my words in the first post. There is so much that resonates with me in these in my own life and past.

First quotes are by May Ziadeh 💕

When the world tore my heart with its evil and littleness, my bird sang and made me forget the ugliness of folly and think of the beauty of everything splendid.


“You do not harm because you do not speak.”—May Ziadeh

I found this true in my personal life as I’d found healing and life in 2020 and I’d write of it on the blog—being afraid for long to say or do wrong to anyone, ever-guilty and wanting to hide myself, and not speaking much at all had made some people with me feel better about themselves sometimes and maybe be more glad with me, but that wasn’t what’s right or valuable, and I also feel the rest of this that’s not shown here in her quote…And I think of the damage of complete silence (when a person can speak) and in what your words are rooted despite what others can hear from their own perspective.

* ~

And two by Kahlil Gibran, from whom I’ve come to move through my mysterious feelings of pain from, and can read his writings 💕


I looked and saw the moon is in Capricorn, after I’d found these quotes (Kahlil’s Sun sign) which is nice timing.

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