A Music Idea for Writers and Artists

Do you make a music playlist of inspiration for your works in progress, maybe a book of poems or a novel? I do, just recently for book three. I have a few playlists and I just made two new ones today.

2:19 pm I see; that’s my birthday, February born.

Chamber music is a new playlist of mine begun today starting with French classical composers. Everything else is pretty self-explanatory (and Chill is slower, calmer electronic music.)

I’ve made a cup of rose tea to have with a few date and walnut crisps and after posting I will have a silent rest, well silent, as in me just listening and drinking. My newest playlist you can see is ‘Music May Might Like’ and I am listening to ‘Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet, and String Quartet’ by Maurice Ravel, the first track of Boston Symphony Chamber Players’ album Profanes et Sacrees and I feel would’ve been a favorite piece of the Romantic era Middle Eastern author and poet, French speaking and piano playing, May Ziadeh. This one was first performed in February 1907 when she would’ve been 21 years old.

Have a peaceful afternoon until next time. And let me know in the comments if you have a particular playlist for a project or have done this before.

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