Friday Night: Music, A Meal, and Maybe A Little Mayhem

July 24, 2021 😂🤣

I was listening to French Classical chamber music this morning as you may have seen on the blog today and then Bebe Rexha came on shuffle and soon I was dancing. Next played Britney Spears and I realized I’d not heard more of her musical catalogue and had heard of her recent estate struggle and a similar situation to what had happened to the Nazarene-Lebanese 1900s poet, May Ziadeh…and then after the first two songs I was like, ‘Okay now another Britney…and another…and another, and it just was non-stop Britney for awhile. I was thinking, is this going to be a competition with Nicki Minaj?’ I looked up Britney’s birthday too and like Nicki, it looks like it could be a fully Sagittarius competition for my top pop spot…(‘Uh oh!’—Nicki reference).

I went to dinner with Dan and you should know, I don’t really drink because my mood’s already pretty naturally tipsy and I am very selective with alcoholic drinks, but I will enjoy a few sips of beer, the drink I do like and I don’t wish for more than a few sips.

But this one tonight tasted like poison ivy mixed in there and wasn’t getting a second sip from me—‘Finback IPA.’ It is from Queens, New York I think I saw, hometown of Nicki Minaj. I like Goose Island best and a certain blood orange wheat ale, the name of it I can’t remember.

I was thinking I was in the mood for some form of a hearty sandwich and read the meals to find the ‘Monte Cristo’ sandwich sounded just right with ham, turkey, and cheese in French toast triangles with powdered sugar and strawberry jam, a perfect idea for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and I love breakfast best, especially healthy cereals.

I was curious about this name, saw the novel’s by a French author, a classic one from the mid 1800s. And I found this line about the book after I’d ordered the Monte Cristo sandwich: As the powerful and mysterious Count of Monte Cristo (Italy), he arrives from the Orient to enter the fashionable Parisian world of the 1830s and avenge himself on the men who conspired to destroy him…

You might’ve read of me finding music for the dear Eastern French speaking writer May (Ziadeh) and now she’s finding me food?! ☺️And I am Italian, too. It was one of the best new meals I’d tried in a very long time and the restaurant did it right.


Uh oh!

Somehow during the conversation Eminem came up, I must’ve brought him up and I’ve written here before that I’d thought he was younger than me (and had baby brother feelings towards him) but more recently found out he’s 14 years older and tonight see that his daughter’s middle name is Jade. (Was that a shout out to your big sis?) I am kidding. The Persian poet Rumi brings out more of the older sisterly nurturing feelings from me more currently though and he’s hm, at least 700 years older than me.

Dan and I walked a little around downtown Mansfield today Friday, and as we passed one place with a beautiful lawn and he read it aloud, ‘Boston Cremation.’ I said, ‘Oh we can get buried there sometime, well, no, cremated.’ And he said casually, ‘Can I get cremated now?’ Maybe just go in and ask for a cremation to whoever’s in there. 😅’

As we walked further down the street, the sky looked like this, just like one of those ‘cuddly’ flowers (a word I’d found amusing she’d used to describe flowers in poems), which I’d drawn for May on paper, inspired by her book in Flowers of a Dream.


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