Me, The Failed Scientist, Learning

My first wild jasmine flowers brought inside, the first day I set them up in this glass and took this photo. They were flowers of great love.

This is a post of mistakes clarified for you with my apologies.

I first wrote about my little gardening composting experience with my first strawberry plants and was glad to share the nicely ridiculous mistake that I learned from now.

Moon Mistake

And then I wrote of the moon signs suddenly moving in perfect zodiac order and how I was upset and bored by this, but guess what: I heard that inkling of intuition ring-ringing for me to check the whole moon calendar to see that it hasn’t always been a little more shuffled order of the signs each day, and it hasn’t been a shuffle at all! I probably wasn’t checking every day or even knowing the order of them perfectly at that time anyway. There, I give you my humble correction. 😊

First Jasmine

After the not so long ago funeral for my Calla lilies (whose cause of dying I didn’t know why), I had been so happy to learn that you can pick wild jasmine and place the stems in a glass with water and they can grow roots and then set up the rooted jasmine beside a wall and rooted and cared for, they can begin to climb the wall.

The very dear author and artist Hedy Habra had kindly given me the idea and directions, but yesterday I went out to Boston for the day and thought that they may like to be outside awhile. But I accidentally left them there all day and night and come morning, my beautiful jasmine flowers were puffed on by the wind and all gone away! 😢😞

I feel in the future they may be happy, as I’ve read in an article, to be near a window, enjoy some indirect sunlight, inside. So I’m learning more and I will try again with my second generation jasmine…☺️🙏💕

Failed Tailoring

My seamstress mistake in a recent post, ‘A Profession I Am Not Pursuing’ brought me amusement and also allowed me to joke in the next post ‘So, Are You Italian?’ that I could hem Kahlil Gibran’s pants.

The joke came up from finding common ground with real seamstresses who happened to be his mother and very dear sister, Marianna in Boston.

After that, I apologized with a smile since he was 5’3 and I didn’t find that out ‘til after I’d made the joke. ☺️🙏

It’s also made me happy to learn that he called his home a ‘hermitage’ with candles in that NYC studio apartment. 🧚‍♂️


There will be a selection of posts to come, post subjects queued up to write and publish, but this post ends here because I won’t tell you them now.

May I absorb the richness of these science lessons. May you absorb the richness of whatever it is you love or love to feel or know. 🙏😊💕

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