Pisces Moon Night Pop Music Face-Off

It’s now my official Pop music face-off I’d hinted at in a post last Friday held on this Pisces moon with the two Sagittarius competitors, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj. I am the Pisces host who will highlight strengths✔️and not-so-strengths ❌of these two singers and their music.

So, let’s begin the face-off 😊…

Nicki’s lyrical sarcastic insults likely shaped and sharpened by her New York City hometown. ✔️

Britney’s high energy music vibes that elevate the listener and keep them there. ✔️

Nicki rid-ridin’ through Texas (current home of my dear NYC born Gigi Rose). ✔️

Nicki implying in a song buildings are a much more impressive thing to buy than a blog. ❌

Nicki being featured in songs give extra suspense and are even better in waiting for her entrance. ✔️

Nicki’s NYC accent to match my Brooklyn upbringing. ✔️

Britney’s slight Southern accent. ✔️

Britney’s tone and sound of voice. ❌

Nicki clarifying that her first name isn’t Nicole. ✔️🤔

Britney songs’ impressive use of a variety of pleasing electronic sounds. ✔️

Nicki’s slightly non-verbal sounds not so pleasant to my ear compared to other aspects of her sound. ❌

‘It’s Britney, bitch.’ ✔️

‘My name Barbie, bitch.’ —Nicki ✔️✔️

Nicki feeding me eggs, turkey bacon, and cake. ✔️

Britney’s taste for a ‘Poison Paradise.’ ❌

#FreeBritney and mental health awareness. ✔️

Nicki spreading awareness of poets by referring to herself as one even if she personally doesn’t want a ‘pretty poet getting all emotional’ because I don’t have a romantic interest in her. ✔️

Nicki’s songs ending in the listener hypothetically murdered. ❌

Britney’s surprise! British accent for some great songs that reminded me of the couple of videos I’d done some months ago— spontaneous, short clips with my own surprise British accent. ✔️

Britney’s diverse and sometimes encouraging lyrical content. ✔️

Nicki finding different ways to call me a hoe. ✔️

Nicki’s deeper vocal range and tone, speed of rapping, and rolling rrs. ✔️

Nicki disappointing me when I thought she would mention yoga in her song ‘Good Form’ and then the song ended with no yoga. ❌

Britney having a couple songs I could add to the playlist I’d created ‘Music May Might Like.’ ✔️✔️

Nicki having no songs that I could currently add to the music for May’s playlist. ❌

Nicki’s handling of consonants in her sound. ✔️

Britney putting the specific name ‘Amy’ in a song that’s more about herself than about a particular Amy. ❌Edit: I think I get the song now; she’s buying a drink for a home-wrecker named Amy, and things are not looking good for this Amy. I am not really liking this song overall with the sound of it myself, so I keep this as ❌ and send my loving-kindness to any Amys negatively affected by this release.💕🙏

Britney’s prerogative and the song. ✔️

Nicki redeeming 80s-sounding music and creating different creative nicknames for herself such as ‘Queen Sleaze.’ ✔

Nicki not appearing in a song with mention of Detroit without gunshots also included. ❌

Britney’s evil laugh. ❌

Nicki‘s evil laugh. ✔️


Since it is a Pisces moon tonight and I am the Pisces host, no one will lose… and neither will any winner be declared. ☺️🕊

But in lieu of this moon, this face-off will conclude with a song by my previously mentioned top favorite in the contemporary folk singer-songwriter genre, Aquarian-on-Pisces cusp, Lisa Hannigan. (Her birthday is just one day after May Ziadeh’s; I’d just discovered.)

And here is Lisa’s creative and well-sung song ‘Pistachio.’ This song is also here because so many evenings this summer I just want to eat ice cream as my main out-of-home leisurely activity and Pistachio is a current very favorite flavor of mine that used to for some years always seem to lose the face-off to Vanilla ice cream. And no, not everything I like has to be green but I won’t deny my love for Pistachio. 😊


Lisa Hannigan – Pistachio


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